That Crazy Kind of Love!


Some people want to see you succeed and reach your greatest potential, unfortunately there are also those who don’t. These individuals fall into two categories. Either they are people who are insecure and unaware of their own greatness within or they are agents of the devil who has been assigned to attempt to kill, steal or destroy your life vision. God doesn’t want us to hate or be fearful of those who mean us wrong or even harm, instead he instructs us in Matthew 5:43 to love not only or neighbors, but to also love those individuals who hate, use and persecute us. God is a wonderful father who gives us protective instructions to keep us safe even while following his commandments in the most challenging situations.

First we must keep a prayerful heart toward our enemies, pray for them even when you don’t want to. This is not only for them but primarily for us. A hardened hearted person cannot be moved by the compassion of the spirit to do kingdom work. Only a pure heart will see God (Matthew 5:8).

Second you must be aware of spiritual booby traps. Spiritual booby traps are methods used by the devil to use your greatest struggle for your greatest fall. If you struggle with eating he will use food, if you struggle with wanting a mate he will use a person that resembles your desire. If you struggle with finances, you will always be drawn to that next big sale. The end result beloved is not the gratification of joy and happiness, after these booby traps lure us in, the trap appears, gluttony, fornication, or debt, and feelings of regret, shame and depression are what we are left with. Everyone has struggles and weaknesses and the key to avoiding booby traps is not to be in delusion as if you have everything all together, no identify your weaknesses and guard them with all diligence.

Lastly, stay focused on your purpose. Keeping your attention on your vision will help you to not be distracted by people, places or things. Allow the passion for your life vision to become the driving force to your every breath, this way like Jesus you can with ease command satan to get behind you while you keep your eyes on the prize.

Do Life Big Beloved!

Jacquelyn Rivers

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