Pinnacle Heights


He made him ride on the high places of the earth, that he might eat the increase of the fields; ~Deuteronomy 32:13

Life is full of twist and turns, ups and downs and some memories we would like to erase. We have done things we are ashamed of and hurt people that we regret. But like Jacob, no matter your past or even your present situation God can take your mess and make it a message for the kingdom when you make it to your high place.

No matter our life story God has a high place planned for us, that is the location of our abundance and stress less victories. A high place is the pinnacle height of a seed or promise that has been given to you by God. What is the seed that God has planted in your heart, which He has entrusted you to birth out. Is it a community outreach program, a multimillion dollar initiative, a global marketing company, or even an orphanage to house beautiful children that you will call your own? Whatever that promise may be God has equipped you to make it to that high place and succeed.

The way to this high place is the only thing that causes a believer to not maximize their potential and truly live in the realm of God’s glory. This way is the purification process. Allowing the master to identify and remove the heavy luggage that would make our journey to the high place unobtainable. Jacob who was a liar, thief and playboy of his time was the same man who God would use to provide the seed to create a nation in order to fulfill the promises of God on the earth. However Jacob needed to change is human nature of man and robe himself in the supernatural nature of God. This process took Jacob from being selfish to become selfless, from being arrogant to become a humble servant, from being a taker to being a giver. From being completly renamed from the old to the new from Jacob to Israel.

You have a high place that is flowing with the increase for your life, and you have many prayer warriors pushing your way, so hold on, shake off the dust which is the old you, and enjoy the ride Beloved.

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