The Money Tree

"Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit" ~ Matthew 7:17

There is a saying that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, and yes this is true in some countries. Some countries create their money from paper which is a byproduct of trees, however in the United States money it is actually made from a cotton fiber material. No matter how our natural money is made our heavenly savior Jesus Christ ,who is a master teacher, revels to us how embracing the “principles of the tree” can create an abundant flow of wealth.

In the beginning God gave Adam and Eve a mandate, a command, a decree or in our language today a law. That law was for them to be fruitful and multiply. To be fruitful, is to “produce” and multiply means to “increase greatly”. From the dawn of creation God intended for us to live in abundance and prosperity. Yet we live in a world with great shortage and poverty.

Today is the day to heal our land. Follow the “principles of the tree” and your life will change amazingly.

To start every tree is birthed by a seed that is planted into good soil. A seed is useless if it is thrown to the wind with no thought. However with the combination of nutritional soil the seed comes alive. In regards to abundance the seed is your money. Until you plant (invest) your money you will never see a return. Throwing away your seed (money) into empty lots (activities that bring you no increase) will result in you living from paycheck to paycheck and having more month then money. To break this cycle, plant your seed into nutritional soil like; your local church, a mission field ministry , your gifts and talents, going back to school to master a field of study, or even buying real state, starting a business, and buying stocks and bonds to name a few.

Next you must water the seed and good soil. Don’t give up when you don’t see your increase right away keep pouring your energy, time and love into it and you will soon see it grow.

Lastly it is important to know that after you experience growth there may be a time of stagnation or stand still increase. This is the time for pruning. Pruning is to cut off twigs, branches, or roots that are hindering the tree from producing and increasing into its purposed glory. If you want to live in abundance you must cut away things that eat away at you naturally and spiritually, like impulsive shopping, spending on wants and not needs and even competing with your neighbor. And spiritually, unforgiveness, envy, and jealousy toward others.

God is one that cannot lie. Just like Adam and Eve you have the capacity within you to be fruitful and to multiple, in order to enlarge the Kingdom of God here on earth. Take a moment today and write down all the things you are good at and dream of doing, then brainstorm ideas to produce and increase in those areas. Do this and you will be on your journey to live a life how God intended for you to live, which is the Garden of Eden lifestyle.

Do Life Big!

Jacquelyn Rivers

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