The Power of Failure

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. ~ Romans 8:28

Everyone has or will experience failure. Failure can approach us in many different ways, such as a failed relationship, a failed business plan, ministry plan, and other failed life goals that we pursue. However God wants you to know today that failure is a precursor to success. In other words in order to succeed you will first fail. I believe this occurs to give us the unction to push even harder to succeed. Unfortunately some who experience failure give up prematurely . With failure the pain can be so great is causes death to dreams and abortion to purpose.

I love the words of the Chinese teacher, Confucious who said, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall." The American inventor, Thomas Edison, lived by this creed. When a reporter asked him, "How did it feel to fail 10,000 times?", when he was inventing the light bulb, Edison replied, "I didn’t fail 10,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 10,000 steps."

In order to be successful and live on purpose, we must learn to rise from our failures, by embracing a different perspective. So when everything feels upside down or the opposite of what you were expecting and you feel at the point of giving up, get up, look up and grab holt, to your life purpose. Allow the sting of failure to not defeat you but to fuel your passion to suceed.

I challenge you, today take a moment and search for the good in all your failures. See how God is working all things together for your good based on your devine pupose.

I am so excited for all that God has planned for you Beloved. I pray your success, fulfilment and happiness in Jesus name.

Do Life Big!

Jacquelyn Rivers

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