Fragrances of Heaven

And the priest shall put some of the blood upon the horns of the altar of sweet incense before the Lord, which is in the tabernacle of the congregation

~ Leviticus 4:7

The fragrance industry is a billion dollar globalized phenomenon that has been evolving for centuries. Today we have fragrances for the home, office, and car as well as to compliment the scent of the human body. Why is it that scents are so profitable and sought out by all walks of life? Simple, fragrances produces a heighten surge of emotion. From the sensual erotic to the calming tranquil, a fragrance can alter the state of your mind to your desired result.

What is your favorite perfume or scent? And what is the emotion or mindset that accompanies it when you wear it? Just like smells are a commodity in the earth realm, the spirit realm evokes aromas that transforms not only moods but entire atmospheres. Have you ever walked into a room and the atmosphere felt cold, harshly thick and unpleasant, well if you were able to smell in the spirit realm you would have smelled a stench or stinky unbearable smell. But on the other side have you ever enter a space that felt overwhelmed with the feeling of love, peace or joy, well again if you were able to smell in the spirit realm you would smell a sweet aroma one pleasing and alluring.

In the earth there are numerous producers of fragrances, Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Cabana (some of my favorites) to name a few, however in the spirit realm there are only two fragrance factories Kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. Whose fragrance are you wearing? Be the one who alters the atmosphere of every negative environment of darkness by wearing the fragrances of Heaven. When you walk into a room allow your heavenly aroma to permeate the atmosphere for the Spirit of God to move.

So beloved I urge you to daily bathe in the Lords presence and to seek the fragrances of heaven it will not only transform you it will transform the world.

Do Life Big

Jacquelyn Rivers

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