Healing Waters

For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. ~ John 5:4

If you were told that jumping in a pool could heal you of all your sickness, infirmities and diseases, be it physical, emotional, psychological, relational and even financial, would you jump in?

In Jerusalem there was a pool which was called Bethesda. It was reported in John 5, that when an angel of the Lord troubled the water and caused it to move, that the first person who stepped into the water would be completely healed. In the scripture passage it gives the account of a man who had been ill for 38 years, and who would continually go to the pool waiting for the season that the angel would come to trouble the water. On a life changing day the man was noticed by Jesus who instead of helping him get into the natural pool of Bethesda, Jesus gave him the empowerment key to an eternal pool of healing and that was the pool of thoughts.

Jesus told him rise, take up thy bed and walk, and immediately the man was made whole and he then took up his bed and walked. For years he had the picture of his destiny as a sick man, a man that could not make any changes for his own life, but it took Jesus to give him a victorious picture in his mind to see a better future. But he didn’t stop there he took the mental picture in his mind and acted out with faith.

I have a pastor friend who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, the doctors told him they needed to do immediate surgery or he would die within months if not treated. My friend refused, and instantly decreed that there was no cancer in his body. He then created a lifestyle of health. He visualized himself healthy, he spoke life and health over his body, started eating healthy and exercising regularly. 7 years later he has had no surgery, chemotherapy or is on medication. He is cancer free, healthy and living life happy. All because he decided to create a Spirit of Bethesda in his mind. Has a doctor given you a report that you have cancer, decree over your life “No” visualize your body free and healed and act and live healed and free now.

Start today dream, visualize and think yourself healed in all areas of your life and watch it create a spiritual pool of healing not only for you but for your family, community, tribe, nation and ultimately for the world.

Do Life Big!

Jacquelyn Rivers

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