Choice of Greatness

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. ~ Genesis 1:27 (KJV)

Every day we are confronted with choices to make. Choices between eating the frosted flakes vs. coco puffs cereal for breakfast. The choice between dressing corporate chic or the casual calm to work. And even the choice in our friendships. Also in life we are confronted by the heavier choices that have a detrimental influence on the projectory of our future, like choosing the college we will go to, were we live, or even who we will marry.

Although all these choices are important at the time and are based on reflections of our situation and emotions there is one choice you should never take lightly and that is the choice of greatness vs. mediocrity. Greatness is not measured by comparison to another person’s greatness, it is measured only by comparison to yourself. God created everyone in his image and in his likeness. There is nothing mediocre about our heavenly father, all if his creation is great and majestic including you. Like the Nike slogan states greatness is a choice.

Are you pursuing your passion? Are you seeking the needed tools for empowerment and investing in your future? Do you take time for yourself and pamper you? Yes I know many of you have the spirit of Mother Teresa which is wonderful. However even the Mother Teresa’s of the world need self-love and care.

I challenge you today to be active in your greatness. First spend time with yourself and think about the things you want to see happen for tomorrow. Don’t be shy with your thoughts think big and outside the box of normalcy. Then find someone who you esteem highly in the way your thoughts lead you and meet with them over coffee, tea or lunch. Ask them questions that can aid you into bringing your vision to pass and reaching your greatness.

Allow your vision of greatness to take on a life of its own. Like the late great Mr. Walt Disney he embraced his imagination and catapulted himself into greatness that we, are children and many generation will enjoy. So remember this is your life and there are no dress rehearsals, no repeats, or start overs regarding lifetimes. Make choices that will make you great. I am your biggest fan and I can’t wait to see you shine.

Do Life Big

Jacquelyn Rivers

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