The Best Gift Ever!

I think myself happy, king Agrippa ~ Acts 26:2

The clock is ticking and our hearts are pounding in anticipation for all that is wonderful and exciting that comes during the holiday season leading up to the New Year. Shopping for our loved ones, preparing a menu for that picture perfect family dinner, and planning our famous “I will do it this time” New Year’s resolutions.

In all the happiness that the holidays are designed to bring, there are some who the holiday season brings shame, regret and sorrow. In fact, some individuals are alone right now, it may even be you, who are reflecting on the past year that brought them the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a missed opportunity, or a bad decision that changed the course of their life. This time of the year also finds some overwhelmed with doubt, drugs, debt, disease, drama, or depression that sucks the hope from their heart and clouds it with the darkness of despair.

However I have the greatest news for you, we have been given a gift. I was reading the bible in Acts 23-26 this morning where it gave the account of Paul being accused of evil work due to his love and devotion to Jesus Christ. Because of this he was lied on, physically abused and falsely imprisoned, yet when he was brought before the king for judgment, Paul reported “I think myself happy, king Agrippa”.

WOW what powerful words. Paul was giving us a vivid mental picture of the "gift of thought", and the power we possess over our lives, that no matter the circumstance and problems that we may face we can direct the outcome. In this scripture texts King Agrippa represents all the problems and heart wrenching situations that we face on a daily bases. However when we use our gift of thought for our advantage, the power these problems have over our life are rendered null and void and are replaced with love, peace and happiness.

So I encourage you my brother and my sister enjoy the best gift ever given to mankind…The gift of thought…and think yourself happy. Drown your mind with mental pictures of how you want your life to be…think big, over the top, blow your mind thoughts, decree and declare them, then set small goals to get there. As you begin to walk in the life that you want and imagine, God will do the rest.

Let this holiday season be the happiest you have ever experienced.

Do Life Big!

Jacquelyn Rivers

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