Secrets to Youthful Beauty

Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man. ~ Matthew 15:11

I just celebrated my 41st birthday yesterday, and I received many inquiries of how I manage to look so young, while others asked how I managed my weight. It was wonderful to hear some old school classmate’s state I haven’t aged since high school. And my favorite is being mistaken as my son’s older sister by his friends and their parents.

Many would like to hear me tell them a great makeover story however that is not the case for me. My secret is not that I have found the best diet known to man, or that I spend every waking moments on a boot camp style exercise regimen. In fact the secret to my youthfulness is based on a Kingdom Principles diet.

My Kingdom Principle Daily Diet Plan Includes:

Repentance- I repent of my sins daily, things that I know I have done and things I am unaware of

Forgiveness- I forgive quickly. I have been betrayed in the harshest ways, however forgiving that individual frees me from bondage to them.

Laughter- I love to laugh. I’m serious in the board room (sometimes), but God said come to me like these little children. Spend time at a park full of children, close your eyes and you will hear a song of laughter and giggles. So in have friends that are humorous, watch funny movies and spend time with my children who are hilarious.

Beautiful Surroundings- I surround myself with people and things that are beautiful. Beauty truly is within. The beauty I am referring to mainly is what that person and surrounding area produces. This includes a person’s conversation and personality. For an environment it reflects how I feel in it, peace, and joy, loved. Anything or anyone toxic I remove myself from.

So remember it is important to eat healthy and to exercise, however without repentance, forgiveness, laughter and beautiful people and surroundings in your life that youthful beauty you are searching for will not only be temporary, it will not provide you with optimal heath & happiness you desire.

Do Life Big Beautiful One!

Jacquelyn Rivers

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