How to Get your Boaz!

Hello, Beautiful One! It is so great to be writing the blog again. Sorry for my absence I have been focusing on completing my book and getting some upcoming projects ready for their launching. But I have not forgotten about you. In fact God has had you on my heart so great that I wanted to share a word with you that He has shared with me during my devotional time.

Now Boaz, with whose women you have worked, is a relative of ours. Tonight he will be winnowing barley on the threshing floor. Wash, put on perfume, and get dressed in your best clothes. Then go down to the threshing floor, but don’t let him know you are there until he has finished eating and drinking. ~ Ruth 3: 2-3 NIV

In this passage Naomi the mother-in-law to Ruth, is giving Ruth instructions in order to possible secure her future, which was winning Boaz as her husband. With this union it would not only secure Ruth with a wealthy lifestyle, it would also make provisions for Naomi and her family bloodline to come.

In our society today, we would view Naomi and Ruth's plans as dishonorable, however when you look with Kingdom eyes you can see the beautiful love story unfolding. (I advise you to stop and read the Book of Ruth if you are not familiar with her story)

First Ruth was instructed to WASH. The bible says in Psalm 51:10, Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Naomi wasn't just instructing Ruth to wash her body, she was directing her to have her heart washed from grief, anger, disappointment and all other baggage it had accumulated over the years. Wash it to be pure and full of God's love in order to receive the new things or in Ruth's case a “New Man” to come.

Next she was instructed to PUT ON PERFUME. The perfume she was referring to is the Anointing. In Song of Songs 1:12, it reads, " While the king was at his table, my perfume spread its fragrance". The way to obtain a heavenly perfume is to praise and worship the Lord. Sing to Him, declare your adoration of him, dance before him, and love on him in your own creative and special way.

Then Naomi told Ruth to GET IN YOUR BEST CLOTHES. And no this is not your Sunday's best outfit. God revealed to me that your spiritual clothes represent your reveled outer self, what the world see’s. This means your behaviors and actions. 2 Timothy 3:5, “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof”. In other words, you can't just look like a Christian you have to live like one too. Be pleasing to look at and comfortable to approach. A simple way to start is to put a smile on your face.

Second to last she tells her to GO DOWN TO THE THRESHING FLOOR. If you aren't familiar with a threshing floors, it is a hard, level surface on which grain is threshed (separated from the plant) with a flail (a wooden staff with a short heavy stick swinging from it). What God? Are you saying for me to get beaten. LOL. No at least not in the natural sense. How God explained this to me is that when you lay at the Lord's feet in prayer this is the time of threshing in the spirit realm. During this time God is separating the worldly you from the spiritual Kingdom you.

And lastly Naomi tells Ruth to do something peculiar, she says, DON'T LET HIM KNOW YOU ARE THERE UNTIL HE HAS FINISHED EATING AND DRINKING. I love this instruction, this is a time of quietness before the Lord, a time of soaking in his presence, not saying a word, allowing him to eat and drink up all of your love and worship. Don't be so quick to leave after you pray, stay a little while longer and you will be amazed.

So now the question is how does this apply to me? Was this only for Ruth to get her “Man” Mr. Boaz, which she did. No God showed me that Boaz represents the promises of God. Some believe that Boaz was a symbol of Jesus, and they are right, Jesus is the promise. And all the promises we need or desire are in him. So What promise are you in need of? I encourage you to follow Naomi's instruction and watch your life change from mourning into dancing, and sorrow into joy.

Love spending time with you, until next time, LOVE YOU TO LIFE!

I really love hearing from you and praying with you so keep the emails coming. I do read them all.

Do Life Big!

Jacquelyn Rivers

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