He Is Always There

This past weekend brought me life! It started with a road trip up a mountain to join a group of phenomenal women for a refreshing, renewing, and recharging retreat at Sugar Pine Christian Camp, near Yosemite, Ca. The message taught by Dr. Cindy Trimm was about walking in the supernatural. The women and I were overwhelmed in the beautiful presence of God. Oh the power we possess, and the life we can live living in the supernatural. We have no limitations in the supernatural.

The next day as I drove down the mountain God began to download billion dollar strategy ideas. I will be sharing with you all about that in the near future. My next stop was to get some much needed studying done at a Starbucks in Yorba Linda, Ca were I awaited round two at the Breath of The Spirit Church. Many of you may have saw my Facebook live video. What you didn’t get to see was the manifestation of God pouring out his anointing on everyone in the room. Oh how I love serving a giving father.

The next day I spend the day with the loves of my life, my grown step daughters and my four grandchildren. Many people can’t believe I’m a grandmother. Well world I am and I love every minute of it. See I was married to a gentleman that had two beautiful princesses from his previous marriage, and I instantly fell in love with them from the day we met.

Twenty years later, their father and I divorcing, and four grandchildren and counting... has not changed a thing. My love and commitment to them has only enlarged and expanded.

I may not always be with them in the physical, but I will always be with them in spirit and in love. The same is with our heavenly Father, He is always with us in spirit and in love. And if my commitment as a step mother to my daughters and grand children is to always be there even after divorce, how much greater is God’s commitment to us.

He wants you to always remember He is always there with you even when you don’t see Him, feel Him or hear Him, He is there!

He Is Always There

Hebrews 13:5b (KJV)

For he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Precious Pearl of Truth

He is the God who is always there

Dear Beautiful One, God has had you in His mind before the foundation of the world. He knows you, He loves you and He cares about you and everything that concerns you. When days seem heavy and you feel distant from his presence know that it is not true. Your truth is the Lord is with you even when you don’t feel like He is. When you were formed in your mother’s womb He was there. When you took your first steps, He was there, when you experienced your greatest accomplishment He was there and believe, when you felt your greatest pain the Lord was there by your side.

So don’t look for comfort in people, places or things. Seek refuse in the Lord and walk through every life situation and every season with Him knowing that you are in Him and He is in you.

Today’s Challenge:

Call, write or meet with a person who you will make a commitment to be a part of their lives in love and support. Reconcile a relationship that is strained or cultivate an already existing relationship by giving the other person your time and present presence. Keep in mind at no time are you to stay committed to a relationship that is toxic or abusive. If you cannot be yourself in a relationship or if you are being harmed, please end or distance yourself from that relationship until it is safe.

With Beautiful Love!

Jacquelyn Rivers

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