Finding My Flow!

Picture of me at the beach finding my flow ~ eating pizza, chicken and rocking my favorite lip gloss. #FoodiebytheSea

I wrote a book last year that I believed was complete and ready to be published, however after sending it to my editor, Rick Killian with Killian Creative, my beliefs regarding my book changed. During a meeting with Rick he told me the book was good, however there was something missing.

I’m thinking quietly in my head…”Something missing? What! I just spent the last year writing this book, which felt like giving birth every day, and now your telling me "somethings missing".

He further explained that after reading my prologue, which gave a powerful reenactment of a conversation I had with my son, that he was so intrigued he sought for more in the following chapters, however was disappointed that my voice and my story was missing. He then stated that I could publish it now and it would be good…but I could rewrite it and it would be phenomenal.

Rewrite what? Not my book… I was devastated….My story, what do you mean my story this is not an autobiography it’s an empowerment book…(I laugh now just thinking about my naïve understanding of what God was about to do in my life). But then I was “pissed off”, however being a Queen I never reveled it outwardly. I thanked him, took more of his advice while grinding my teeth and ended our meeting graciously.

What I didn’t know then, but I know now was that my editor was being used by the God to help me in the greatest way possible and that was to find my flow.

It took me months before I returned to my book to rewrite it. I dreaded even looking at it. But during those months away from writing I became acquainted with my flow, which is my why, my what and my way in the form of my purpose.

See I thought my purpose was to be a preacher (Jacquelyn Rivers Ministries), to be an expert in the field of psychology as a psychotherapist, and to be the CEO over a successful global enterprise (Yafah One Enterprises). While these aspects of my life are powerful, they are only foundational pivotal points of my journey to lead me to the expression of my truest self, which has only just began.

I learned that my purpose was not to make people happy, healthy, wealthy and whole my purpose is to “inspire inner healing to enlightened consciousness” WOW! That sounds deep, right?

All that means is that my life is to show others how to be whole in order to know who and why they are.

And when people discover the who and why everything else that they want will attract to them because they will be within their flow.

And what better way to "inspire inner healing to enlightened consciousness" than to share my story and the story of others to the world through my book to show others how to find their flow.

So I’m extremely excited you will soon have your own copy to understand what I’m talking about, it is going to amaze you, like it did me.

Yafah Love Beautiful One! Jacquelyn Rivers

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