As A Roaring Lion

Everything about you is brilliant, from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes, and everything in between. God held nothing back when it came to making you. And because of this you are on the hit list of satan. Once a majestic worshiping angel in the presence of God, to a tormented devil seeking whom he can devour.

The devil's main objective on this earth is to dethrone you from your royal platform of dominion. One way he attempts to take away your power and dominion is through retaliation.




  1. the action of returning a military attack; counterattack.

The art of retaliation is to seek revenge upon the person you feel has wronged you. I know you maybe thinking just like I was, how can satan feel we have wronged him? The answer to that question is, understanding the fundamentals of kingdoms.

There are multiple kingdoms in the universe, the animal kingdom, the planet kingdom, the fungi and archaebacteria kingdoms; which are some of the kingdoms we learn in primary school. However there are two kingdoms that are not taught in the traditional style of school settings and they are the kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of darkness. The kingdom of Heaven is of goodness and life, were the kingdom of darkness is of evil and death.

Things to know about a kingdom

  • First there needs to be a monarch (a sovereign head of state, a ruler).

  • Next, every kingdom has to have a realm or territory over which its monarch rules.

  • That realm must be occupied by citizens.

  • The citizens must abide by certain laws issued by the monarch.

  • The citizens also live by certain distinguishing customs.

  • A kingdom is concerned with its strength and power in conquering and defending.

  • A kingdom is also concerned with its destiny —whether it will fall to ruin or rise to glory.

When the devil has ordered a demonic retaliation against you it is simply the enemy waging a war against God and the kingdom of Heaven. It is his response to a war that you have waged against him just by you engaging in worship, prayer, spiritual warfare, intercession, soul winning, kingdom advancement initiatives or by you just waking up. Every time you are active in any of the above mentioned kingdom expansion activities you hit the enemies camp with an atomic bomb.

So what do you do when if feels like all hell has been unleashed into your life due to retaliation...

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: ~ 1 Peter 5:8

Keep a Sober and Vigilant mind. Keep your mind calm and clear of the lies the enemy will try to feed you in order to have you throw in your spiritual surrender towel. Flood your mind with the truth of who and whose side you are on and the power that you have access to. Pray Psalms 24 and call on Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah, The Lord Mighty In Battle. God is sure to answer you by sending out a host of angels to fight on your behalf.

So keep pressing into God and fulfilling your purpose with passion and power and no weapon formed against you will prosper. Stay in your place of dominion and watch every retaliation effort and endeavor fail.


“In the name of Jesus I bind all Retaliation, Revenge, Retribution and Jealousy spirit from attacking me, my children, family and everything associated with me. I cancel all witchcraft and soulish prayers prayed from taking root, they are destroyed now. I close every open door or portal the enemy is using to gain access to me, my children, my family, friends and all that is associates with me in the realm of the spirit, and I seal them with the blood of Jesus and with fire bands. I call on Jehovah Gibbor Milchamah, The Lord Mighty In Battle, fight those who fight against me and bring down those who seek to cause me and my loved ones harm. Thank you, Lord, for your protection. In Jesus Mighty name, Amen.”

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