The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 3: Why You Thirsty For That Dude?

Even though I was born and raised in a home with Christian values, when I left into the world as an adult, I ran after what I thought was true love. My version of true love was meeting a guy, going on dates, graduating to kissing, and maybe have sex. Later when I meet my now ex-husband it evolved to: we met, dated, kissed, had sex, moved in together, had more sex, I got pregnant, we got married, I got saved, I got pregnant again, we bought a house, argued, separated, got a divorce, sold the house, started co-parenting.

Now of course there was more going on in between but you get the idea.

My question for God today was. Why did my true love story end up in such a horrible way? His answer shocked me.

You were thirsty for the “Happily Ever After”, with blindfolds on, which made you drink from the cups of men who weren't YOUR prince.

Okay let’s pause right’s one thing to hear your girlfriend tell you “stop being thirsty for that dude”, but when God says hits you a certain kind of way. Ouch that hurt!!!!

Okay let’s resume…God then shared with me how to avoid this type of love story in my future.

The journey to a healthy singleness, marriage and intimacy with God must consist of: The Foundation, Four Pillars, and A Covering to help it stand the test of time.

The Foundation = God

Four Pillars = Friendship,

Spiritual Compatibility,

The 5 Attractions, and

A Purpose Partner

A Covering = True Love

The Foundation:

The foundation of our singleness, marriage and intimacy with God must be God himself. Having a thirst and a hunger for God creates a strong foundation of who we are and the ability to express ourselves authentically when we are in our singleness, marriage and intimacy with Him.

Pillar One: Friendship

When God began to share with me about the first pillar of friendship, I heard in my spirit the song by Israel Houghton, “I am A Friend of God” (listen to it when you get a change).

Not only do we need to be friends with God we need to be friends with ourselves. For being your 1# cheerleader, confidant, and bestie creates a safe place to develop into who your are becoming.

It is equally important that you are friends with the one who you are dating, courting, engaged, or married to. Because when your married, if the sex ceases to exist, the beauty fades away, the kids leave the home, hard times come, and loss becomes more frequent, you will still have a friendship to lean on.

Opposites do attract, but so do likes. If you want a better outcome, like you, like them and like God. #friendshipmatters

Pillar Two: Spiritual Compatibility

There must be a compatibility spiritually when you are single, married and in intimacy with God. Meaning as a single you must be true to your spiritual beliefs and convictions, you can't preach one thing and do another. Purity is purity all the time. Holiness is holiness all the time.

Spiritual compatibility with your date, boyfriend or girlfriend, fiance’ or spouse is that your spiritual paradigms are in sync. It’s far beyond saying that they are a Christian and so are you. You must explore their answers to: Are you a believer? Do you believe in prosperity? What are your views on the topic of the Kingdom or being baptized in the Holy Ghost? Do you agree with celibacy before marriage? Knowing if you are compatible spiritually is sure to maintain peace within the relationship.

And lastly spiritually compatible with the intimacy with God reflects on believing everything He says is truth, regarding you, Him and all things.

Pillar Three: The 5 Attractions

The pillar for a lasting relationship with your singleness, your mate and with God consists of the 5 attractions. The 5 Attractions are attractions in the following areas:

  1. Physical attraction (pleasing to the eye)

  2. Intellectual attraction (stimulates you intellectually)

  3. Spiritual attraction (Your attracted to the anointing)

  4. Emotional attraction (emotional connectedness, fulfills your emotional needs)

  5. Social Attraction (you love how they operate in the world outside, with others and in different surroundings)

If you can say yes to all 5 attractions for yourself, your mate and God this relationship is on FIRE!!!

Pillar Four: A Purpose Partner

God revealed to me that if I am not fulfilling my divine purpose within the relationship of my singleness, marriage and intimacy with him, that relationship is empty. Empty because everything God created has a purpose and if it is not fulfilling that purpose it is as if it doesn't exist. So the solution is a purpose partner.

So during your singleness be fully engaged in your purpose, be your own purpose partner. When your courting, engaged, or married, be with a purpose partner, and when you are seeking intimacy with God allow him to be your purpose partner, and these relationships will overflow.

The Covering: True Love

Allow love to protect, comfort, surround, warm, embrace and cover your singleness, marriage and intimacy with God. For God is love and love can cover all.

My Happily Ever After

My love story is not over, it’s just beginning because I now know what a “Happily Ever After” kind of love should look like. So I will stay thirsty with my eyes wide open. Because being thirty is not a bad thing, it’s just when your thirst for the wrong things is what makes life a little sour.

The lesson for today: Take the blindfold off and thirst for God, Friendship, Spiritual Compatibility, The 5 Attractions, A Purpose Partner and True Love, and you will never be disappointed from that cup you drink from.

Let’s get thirsty! Talk with you tomorrow Beautiful One!

With Beautiful Love


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