The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 7: Comparison Kills

There is a song by Johnathan Mcreynolds, titled “Comparison Kills” and the lyrics that stand out to me most profoundly are:

“But over here we die from jealousy

“Cause it makes you chase what’s not meant to be chased

“Cause you’ve possessed it all along

It comes to steal and hide what is real

Comparison kills

This morning as I did my daily social media posts scroll, I must be honest I began to feel some type of way, looking over the happy, colorful, 100+ liked post. I began to compare my post to theirs, my life to theirs, my business success to theirs, my ministry to theirs, my relationships to theirs. And God advised me to write about it today, because I was not alone.

Today's lesson for us in preparation to singleness, marriage and intimacy with God is to never compare ourselves with another, because we will never match up.

God shared with me that when we compare ourselves to someone else, we will never match up. There is nobody on this earth alive or dead that we can ever compare ourselves to. Because we are the only brilliantly created original addition of Beautiful Greatness called “You”.

When you compare yourself, you not only kill your self-esteem, but you also kill the dreams, visions, plans and purpose that God has given you. It’s like we are pushing what God wants for us to have what he has given someone else. Not knowing the story behind the happy, colorful, 100+ liked post, we assume it is a better life. And it maybe for that person but not for you.

Because like the song states comparison “ makes you chase what’s not meant to be chased,

cause you’ve possessed it all along”. We have all that we need to have a happy and prosperous life. We just need to look inside of ourselves to experience it.

So today as you scroll on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and any other social media platform I haven't mentioned, stop comparing and start celebrating everyone including the brilliantly created original addition of Beautiful Greatness called “You”.

Have fun today being great! Talk with you tomorrow!

With Beautiful Love


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