The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 8: "The Wait" Is Not A Death Sentence

I read the book “The Wait”, By Devon Franklin and his wife and actress, Megan Good when it was first published. It’s funny now, because I read the book with the intentions to use it within my private practice for couples therapy. I even bought a copy for my son and his girlfriend, to encourage them to stay chase during their courting.

Little did I know that I would need the principles for myself. God has a sense of humor, really he does.

The lesson today, “The Wait” is not a death sentence, it’s an awakening!

An awakening to what? Your real life, your good life!

My unmarried readers, may say well my good life would be with my good thing, I’m tired of “The Wait”. But my married readers are saying, child don’t rush getting married, this stuff is work, enjoy your single life while you can.

I hear both sides of this debate regarding being single versus being married, in fact being divorced I have lived both sides. But what I can say today that since I began this journey I have felt more alive than ever before.

The key is to open yourself to acknowledge what you are thinking and feeling regarding the preparation to singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, in order to be liberated. Be honest with your hurts, uneasiness, insecurities, anger, indifference, jealousy, or envy related to issues concerning singleness, marriage or intimacy with God.

I'm not denying the vulnerability and uncertainty of the waiting process, but I have noticed all areas of my life being affected in a positive way during this blogging journey. Because during “The Wait”, we are not passively sitting around, we are engaging in life’s adventures every day.

So how to wait like a boss?

  • Discover Your Purpose

  • Embrace Your Purpose

  • Work Your Purpose Daily

When you are on purpose everyday of your life “The Wait” becomes the most wonderful time of your life.

Until tomorrow, Wait to Awaken!

With Beautiful Love


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