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Today’s message at church was entitled, “You may not qualify, but you are the chosen one”. It was a timely word for all who heard it. The scripture that this message was derived from was 1 Samuel 16.

This scripture texts tells the story of when the prophet Samuel was instructed by God to select the new king of Israel in the place of King Saul. Samuel went to the house of Jesse, where God instructed him to go to select “The One” from his sons.

After Jesse paraded seven of his sons before the prophet, none of whom God selected as "The One". Therefore, Samuel ask Jesse, if the seven he saw were in fact all of his sons. Jesse informed him that there was one more who was with the sheep.

Jesse fetched for his son David to come, and soon as Samuel saw him, God let him know that David was “The One”. The prophet then pours the oil upon Davids head, which signified that David was in fact the selected new king for Israel.

David was not even in his own fathers mind qualified for the blessing, but in David’s heavenly fathers mind, David’s fate was already determined.

Today’s lesson: Don't count yourself out, even when others do, Because you are in fact "The Chosen One" of God.

We sometimes believe that being rejected by others, be it someone we are hoping to start a romantic relationship with or even a group we are wanted to be included with, is an indication that we are not good enough. However the truth is, they don't have the capacity for you.

It takes God himself to make the announcement of who you are in their life and in the world. So don’t internalized their behavior toward you as if something is wrong with you. Because your truth is that everything is right with you. You are the chosen one and only good people and good things will be attracted to you.

Singleness, marriage and intimacy with God will enlighten you to your truth of knowing the power of embracing this truth that you are the chosen one. Not any man can be your husband, not any woman can be your wife. Not any person can be your friend, spiritual parent, pastor or business partner, Because you are "The Chosen One".

Chosen For What? For Greatness!

Homework assignment time!

Write yourself a love letter expressing your admiration for YOU being “The One”, hold nothing back. Make it yummy good! Until tomorrow stand up straight walk with your head up and a pep in your step, knowing that you are “The Chosen One”!

With Beautiful Love


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