The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


If you follow me on social media you may have seen my recent pictures of me:

  1. At the Sacramento Museum

  2. Me eating a yogurt bowl

  3. Sitting at the beach

These moments were actually me on a date with Jesus! Yes you heard me right. Jesus and I go on regular dates. These dates have been so life changing that I actually require my mentees of The Billionaire Woman Mind Course to go on a date with just themselves and Jesus, as a homework assignment in MODULE 2: ATTRACTING THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS & THE RELATIONSHIPS YOU DESIRE.

The feedback from the ladies experience has been phenomenal and inspiring to hear, so I decided to share it with you.

Today’s Lesson: On your quest for singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you must be intentional in spending quality alone time with your creator.

It feels good to be with people and go on social outings, laughing and having fun making memories, but have you ever done that with Jesus. Giving him your undivided attention as you engage a memorable event, like going to go see a movie, gracing a restaurant you have been craving to eat at, or walking on a secluded beach overlooking the beauty of the ocean as the sun sets.

God wants to spend time with you, to pour his love into you, with no interference of you dividing your attention on another.

What to expect when you go on dates with Jesus

  1. He will always show up on time

  2. He will never stand you up

  3. He will be a gentleman

  4. You are sure to have fun

  5. You will feel closer to him intimately

  6. You will feel empowered

  7. You will feel pure love with no hidden motives or agenda's

  8. You will feel safe and protected

  9. He will leave you wanting more! Anticipating the next date.

Remember you are never alone, God is always with you. However when you make it intentional that you are going on a date with Jesus, your life is altered into a supernatural experience unlike any other.

So go all out, get dressed in your favorite date night outfit, get your hair done, spray your favorite perfume or cologne, and enjoy the best dates of your life with the master romantic Jesus the Christ!

Move past the fear of being judged to be seen on a date by yourself, and turnup with Jesus! Until tomorrow, have fun on your date with Jesus, and please do kiss and tell me all the juicy details!

With Beautiful Love


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