The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


I posted a Vlog today starting an authentic challenge. With all the filters all around us it is hard to know what is real and what is a delusion or just plain fake. We have filtered videos, filtered photos, filtered content, and filtered people.

This topic hit me hard when I started freaking out for a millisecond about the picture I posted of me an my son that I didn't brighten and tighten up. I kept looking at it and comparing the small level of likes it was receiving to it being unfiltered.

“My face looks shiny, the room is too dark, I see the pimple on my chin, oh wait what is that a wrinkle on my forehead. Should I delete this post..oh no, what did I do”. Where the words that flashed through my head as I stared down at the posted picture.

Then God whispered to me. Why are you satisfied with them liking the filtered you verses the real you. The real people can handle the real you. So be real!

This changed my life instantly.

Today’s Lesson: Don’t live a filtered life that hides the real you!

On the journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, we can find it safe to hide the real, of who we are. Filtering how we really think, how we really feel, and who we really are. Fearful of rejection, and being ignored trumps the fear of being a liar to ourselves.

This mindset can be damaging to our spirit, mind and body, and leave our relationships phony, shallow and at a surface level.

To embrace deeper intimacy in relationships, we must be vulnerable to be our authentic selves. They can handle it, they actually crave it!

Don't get me wrong, I’m not saying go rogue and stop getting dolled up, or even having your photos or videos edited. The danger is when we edit the realness of who we are just to get likes on social media, at the expense of not being authentic.

For example if your a woman and you notice you get more likes when you show more of your body verses when you post a deep inspiring post, and because of this you continue to show pictures of your body, instead of doing what you love to do which is encouraging people, just to get the likes, that is the problem. But if showing your body is your authentic self, then do it!

I’m not here to judge or tell anyone what to do. I’m working on this also. It’s a struggle to be vulnerable when at the same time you want people to like you.

But what I have learned from writing this post and reflecting on my fears from yesterday regarding posting my pic unfiltered, is some people are going to like you when your real, and some are not. But either way, we must have a so what mindset.

Because the most important factor is, do you like yourself enough to be be the real you, in the video, photo, content or even in real life with a real person? Are they meeting you or a filtered version of you?

My answer is yes! What is yours?

I have found that people want real, people crave real, so lets be real for them. I challenge you and myself to be authentic every day. Until tomorrow the start or the #BeAutheniticChallenge pass it on!

With Beautiful Love


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