The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Today marked one of the best days of my life! Hooray!!! If you are connected to my social media platforms, you would be aware that I had an interview today with my mentor and spiritual mom, Dr. Cindy Trimm. We talked about the wonderfulness of my role of being a servant-leader at her upcoming End Your Year Strong Summit this December 12-14th. Register today at I promise, your life will never be the same...In a good way!

We also discussed my new book Beautiful Greatness: The Psychology of The Unlimited Life. One concept that God reminded me of regarding my book was the Spirit-Mind-Body IQ. He reminded me that I must raise this area of my life daily, in order to have a good life.

Today’s Lesson: When you raise you Spirit-Mind-Body IQ you raise your likelihood of having a meaningful and happier journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God.

The way to raise one’s Spirit-Mind-Body IQ is to first heal in all these areas. Making it a daily intention to maintain a healthy spirit, a healthy mind, and a healthy body is the foundation of raising your Spirit-Mind-Body IQ.

The next phase is to place these areas of your life in the right sequence. For example the most popular sequence of the essences of your three part being is usually received as your mind, body, and spirit. Most times the spirit is ignored, while the body is being directed and bossed over by the mind.

This is not a healthy sequence, because the only way we are in connection to God is through our spirit. So if our mind is not receiving the information from God, who is talking to our minds. I will tell you because I lived this way for years. When the mind is running the show it’s information is being influenced by our emotions, logic, the media, past experiences, environments and other people.

This is why it is imperative that we awaken our spirit which is forever in communication with God in order to receive directions and strategies to live a healthy and productive life. So the way we bring our spirit man in it’s right place of dominion over our mind and body. Is to be intentional.

The intentional way to raise your Spirit-Mind-Body IQ

First, wake up each morning being mindful that you are a spirit. Next, don't go a day without prayer or simply stated, talking with God. This could be at a selected time in a selected place in your secret place. Plus through all day check ins. You know praying without ceasing.

A great way to remember to talk with God all day long could be, every time you have the urge to check Facebook or Instagram, check in with God first. I say this because we can use the addictive nature of social media as an advantage and reminder to build intimacy with God. It works! Try it.

For more ideas in how to raise your Spirit-Mind-Body IG run over to purchase my book where I show you step-by-step ways to be healed in your spirit, mind and body.

Raising your Spirit-Mind-Body IQ is not a one time effort, but a daily lifestyle. For when your spirit is the boss, your mind and body will follow. Until tomorrow spirit-mind-body IQ power...raise it up!

With Beautiful Love


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