The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


I came across this powerful IGTV video from #garyvee which had the title “When nobody, literally NOBODY believes in your goals”.

It sank home in my heart, because we all have been in that place. When we are embarking or involved in a passion project, a new relationship, a change in our career or in our relationship with God. We want the people we love, our friends and even the people we are attempting to serve support us.

Unfortunately, that is not the case sometimes. The very ones you think will support you are the very ones who ignore you, belittle your efforts, and talk behind your back, calling you crazy.

Today’s Lesson: When God tells you to do it, do it! With or without anyone else!

As a person aspiring for singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you must be your 1# cheerleader with pink pom poms and all. Believing in yourself even when nobody else will.

I like what #garyvee said in his video:

“You have to basically close your eyes and ears for the next 20 years, and put out what you want to put out, and then you will have a change of making it happen”

This resonates so well with this journey, because we are going to have naysayers. People who are our sideline commentators and fake news reporters regarding our life story in our singleness, marriage and relationship with God. The problem is when we take the time to notice or even respond to them, we are slowing down the momentum of all God is unfolding in our lives.

So close your eyes and ears to them all...

Because when you do, you can do more, see more of the beauty around you, hear better things being spoken to you, and say more empowering words to others, the moment you stop focusing on the ones who don't support you.

Allow the power of believing in yourself to overshadow those who don't believe in you. This includes, your relatives, friends, ministry family, co-workers and even your staff. So until tomorrow do it anyway, with no apologies! #doyouboo

With Beautiful Love


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