The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


For the last four weeks I have been hosting a psychotherapy life group at my church. It is open to the members of the church and to the community. The name of the group is called “The Way Out”.

We address everything mental health and beyond. The main thing that stood out to me regarding this group was the duration of time the group members suffered alone.

Today’s Lesson: We don’t have to suffer alone. Seeking out help it is empowering.

This was definitely for me. I tend to keep to myself when it relates to my personal struggles in life. In fact, most times I don't talk about what I go through until I have made it to the other side. But God is advising us today that in order to have a healthy journey to singleness, marriage and intimacy with God we don't have to struggle alone.

If you are struggling with hurts, pains, sickness, mental illness, or experienced any form of trauma, look to talk with someone. Whether it’s a trusted someone or a professional.

As a psychotherapist I find that once my clients share their story they instantly find relieve. It’s something about talking it out with a non-judgmental individual that is a spring of relief.

Another way is to join a support group. This takes the “I’m alone in this thing” syndrome away. Hearing others' stories and how they are finding ways to cope can bring healing.

If you are not ready to share with a human just yet, journal your thoughts. The goal is to pour it out. Whether by talking or writing, release it out from you. When I say this lesson is for me I truly mean it! So lets make a decision together that from to day on ward we will not go through it alone. Until tomorrow let's talk!

With Beautiful Love


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