Day 23: LIVE

The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 23: LIVE

Today’s Lesson: Don’t be so consumed with the next that you miss out on the right now to live.

On this journey of obtaining singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, we can get caught up in the next. The next relationship, the next encounter, the next great thing.

When we focus on the next we miss out on what is happening in the right now moments.

As you reflect on your day today, take mental notes if you can recall that you lived in the moment.

I know I have talked about being mindful in a past blog post, but today God wants us to not just be mindful but to be intentional to live life.

We can sometimes get in routine, and wander within our day like we are on autopilot, but this is not living this is existing.

12 Ways to intentionally live

  1. Wake up and activate gratitude in your heart

  2. Love unconditionally

  3. Be generous

  4. Be appreciative

  5. Eliminate it anyway

  6. Be jealous of no one

  7. Serve others

  8. Prayer & Meditation

  9. Do something you have always wanted to do

  10. Create a bucket list and do it

  11. Say no when you want to

  12. Flow in your Beautiful Greatness (Get the book Beautiful me)

Until tomorrow…#live!

With Beautiful Love


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