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One of the Ten Commandments is that “You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy”. The Jewish reverence this day every Friday at sundown to sundown on Saturday, and they label it the day of rest.

This post is not going to argue whether you are to acknowledge the Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday. The question God asked me this morning during my prayer time, was, did I acknowledge this commandment at all.

I sat quietly in my morning prayer when God began to show me that I have not kept the Sabbath day holy. Not saying I ran off and sinned against the lord. No, on the contrary I would work, work work and work everyday building up the Kingdom, by way of writing, preaching, counseling, singing and on and on.

God’s correcting me today because I had the wrong idea of how to keep the Sabbath holy. Here I had been taught that what I did like ministry work was considered holy, and it is however on the Sabbath not working is considered holy. I believe God knew we would get so busy with life and work that He needed to place rest as a commandment.

Today’s Lesson: Don't be to busy working for God that you disobey His Law.

It is very clear that on the journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God we must have a foundation on following the laws and instructions from him. We can find it easy to stay busy, because it keeps our minds off of stuff we don't want to think about, or the pursuit of the things we want.

God’s Intention for the Sabbath

The Sabbath is to be a “cessation from previous occupation”—an opportunity to rest from your normal day-to-day pursuits.

The Sabbath is also an opportunity to rest from your material pursuits, thus demonstrating that you trust God will bless your efforts over the last six days, and provide for your material needs.

God is such a loving God that he knew the heart of man and he knew that if we could, we would work ourselves sick. Which a lot of us do. The cause for most disease is chronic stress and chronic stress is due to excessive and strenuous work emotionally, mentally or physically.

Every successful bodybuilder knows that after a hard workout the body needs rest. But why don't we do this in life.

For example I have known and recited the Ten Commandments since I was able to talk, yet I did not live it, until today. See below how my day went.

What I did during my sabbath day

  • Worshiped

  • Sang songs

  • Prayed throughout the day

  • Cried to the Lord in Supplications

  • Read the word of God

What I did not do during my sabbath day

  • Work

  • Clean

  • Social Media

  • Television

  • Emails

  • Talked on the phone

In my experience of resting on the Sabbath day, I instantly noticed a peace, joy and the beauty of simplicity arise in my life. While everyone around me was on the go and busy with doing, I heard and felt God's presence in a deeper and greater way. As I have transitioned into the new day I feel refreshed strengthened and closer to God. So try it out you will thank yourself for being obedient to All of the Ten Commandments. Until tomorrow rest rocks!

With Beautiful Love


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