Day 26:  LOVE HURTS?

The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Have you ever been in love and gotten hurt? And because of the gripping pain of the hurt you have said to yourself either verbally or internally that you will never get hurt by love again.

So you may be the one who stays at surface level with your relationships. Or you end a relationship before the other person does. Or how about this, you don't open up to any form of love to anyone. You have a wall so thick around your heart, you wear this wall like a badge of honor.

This was me. From a little girl I loved quickly and deeply, but as I got older this freely opened and love flowing heart experienced great pains of betrayal from individuals who didn't have the capacity for my love. But instead of knowing this truth then I retreated to what I called my love free cave.

I even justified my actions with the word of God by stating that it was okay what I was doing because God said to guard my heart with all diligence. The mistake I make with this scripture was that God said to guard my heart, not to barricade it.

Today’s Lesson: Love doesn't hurt you, people do.

It is easy on this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God to guard your heart to protect yourself from being hurt.

In regards to the scripture I used to justify my guarded heart, God Illustrated to me that a fence can guard a thing, but a wall blocks it. God said He will be a fence around our hearts to guard them. This way it allows love to flow in and out with protection. However when we place a wall around our hearts it stops not only love flowing in and out from our heart to and from others. It also stops love from flowing in and out to and from God.

That’s some deep stuff, right?

Because God is love, and we want an intimate with him, we must keep the love channel open to give and receive love. I know it’s hard to trust opening your hearts to others, especially if you have been hurt. But it’s commanded by God. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself

Due to the betrayals I have experienced, and based on the information from God that love doesn't hurt, people do. I have to be intentional to keep my heart free to not only love freely, but to receive love freely. So I challenge you today to do the same. Let’s be accountability buddies to make sure we are open to love.

So my dear one today write a letter to the one or ones who have hurt you. Let them know that you are taking your love power back. After you have written it burn up the letter and as it burns feel the love flame in your heart arise and consume all the hurt you have ever felt. Then make an intention to love everyone beautifully! #lovenomatterwhat

With Beautiful Love


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