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Today’s blog we end the discussion related to relationships and ways to ensure to establish and maintain healthy relationships, which are to:

  1. Identify & Compartmentalize all your relationships

  2. Stay true to your Core Values

  3. Follow through on your Deal Breakers

When forming healthy relationships you must not only identify and compartmentalize you relationships,while staying true to your core values. You must also create deal breakers for that relationships.

Today’s Lesson: Create Deal Breakers for your relationships, and use them as laws. They break the laws they break the relationship.

A deal breaker is a rule you set, that if not followed the deal of that relationship is severed. For example my ex-husband knew that one of my deal breakers regarding our relationship when we were together was cheating, or infidelity to our marriage. If he cheated on me our marriage was over. He didn't and that wasn't the reason for our divorce. But he knew upfront my deal breaker to the relationship upfront.

Another deal breaker I have with my relationships is lying. When people lie to me it breaks the deal of our relationship. If people are not loyal to me it is a deal breaker. And when I say loyal, I mean talking behind my back.

You set your own deal breakers, things that you can not deal with or want to deal with in your relationships. You know yourself and you know what you can handle and what you can’t.

The key with deal breakers, is the consequences to the deal breaker, must be followed for them to be effective. Say you have a deal breaker that you will not tolerate you partner calling you inappropriate names. Yet they do constantly, and you do nothing or say anything about it. This not only violates you being true to yourself, it makes you feel horrible for letting fear rule your life to be violated with allowing others to treat you in ways you don’t want to be treated.

Homework: Create your own deal breakers for your relationships and live by them.

Until tomorrow, to thine own self be true!

With Beautiful Love


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