The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Has someone came into your life that could be a potential purpose partner, but you are terrified to open your heart to them. Or are you married yet it feels like you have a wall up, because of past hurts in the relationship, which has made your heart hardened.

Today’s Lesson: Trust again!

The biggest struggle with moving on into a new relationship or even moving past the hurt in a present relationship is moving on from your past and moving on.

I have been hurt the worst in relationships, so I tend to stand off internally, yet be present outwardly. Some of us have learned this skill to keep from being hurt deeply. Yet what God has revealed to me over the course of this journey is to singleness, marriage and intimacy with God is that in any relationship there must be vulnerability.

Vulnerability to open your heart in spite of your past hurts. Vulnerability to open your heart in spite of the unknown. Vulnerability to open your heart when God is leading you to.

Many times purpose partners are right before us, but because we are blinded by not trusting love, we miss them. In an already established relationship such as courtship, engagements and marriage, the intimacy that is awaiting is limited to the superficial surface of routine, that the mystery and passion you have for your partner has faded. And as for your intimacy with God, because you don't trust being vulnerable within yourself, you are not able to be vulnerable with the one who created you.

Ways to become more vulnerable and trust again.

  1. Do what God inspires you, like talking to that person He leads you to talk to

  2. Do that very thing you are fearful to do in that relationship for example married couples you want to initiate a new adventure with your partner, but you are fearful of their reaction, present it anyway, you will be surprised what's on the other side of your fears

  3. Pray for the healing of your heart, and to have God give you strength and courage to open your heart and trust again

  4. Journal your feelings and the journey you are on regarding opening your heart to trust again. This process is my go to. And believe me it works.

Until tomorrow be intentional with opening your heart to trust again! It will make your relationships all the more remarkable.

With Beautiful Love


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