The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Do you sometimes feel like God is so far away. That during your hardest times you feel void of the presence of God. You pray, you fast, you plead you cry and yet you still don't feel His presence.

I have news for you. Every believer has those seasons. When you are walking in righteousness be rest assured that God is not far, even when you don't sense His presence, He is near.

Today’s Lesson: Even though feeling the presence of God is good, knowing the presence of God is better, in fact it’s power.

We are emotional and sensual beings. Meaning we communicate and navigate this world with our emotions and senses. At times however these beautiful gifts of emotions and senses can misinterpret and even blind us from the truth of God's presence or lack of presence in our life.

The presence of God is more than dancing in the Holy Ghost, or shouting, and even speaking in tongues. The presence of God is His manifested glory.

God’s manifested glory lives within us, when we give our hearts to Jesus Christ. God said he will never leave us nor forsake us. You see it’s beyond a feeling, because a feeling can be fleeting. But knowing a truth is power.

When you don’t feel God, seek Him, and you will find Him.

Creative ways to seek God to feel his presence

  1. Read The Word will sitting on a park bench

  2. Pray while in the shower or bath

  3. Meditate at sunrise

  4. Go outside and walk barefoot in the grass

  5. Listen attentively for while resting at the beach

  6. Deep breath, while you smell a flower

When you don't feel God, it’s okay, God is bigger than your feelings. Know God is with you. Know God is with you in every circumstance and situation. Even when it feels hard during your journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, knowing that God is with you will get you through.

Until tomorrow don't parish for the lack of knowledge. Know that your God is with you now and forever.

With Beautiful Love


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