The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Have you ever pondered on the phrase “All is fair in love and war”? Today I have been so, I decided to look up it's true meaning

It is a proverb which means, that is certain highly charged situations, any method of achieving your objective is justifiable. In other words you can do whatever it takes to get what you want.

This phrase is used primarily in regards to relationships. It imply that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to love and war. Or that the rules of hard play are acceptable in war.

Some women play games to get a man. While some men wear having sex with a women as a scouts badges they collect regularly. Friends betray friends by talking behind their back to gain acceptance from others. Mothers hurt their daughters due to jealousy of their youth. While fathers abandon their sons all in the pursuit of their selfish desires.

Love and war mixed up with lies, deceit, cheating, backbiting, ad betrayal. Is this fair?

Today’s Lesson: Love and war can be fair, when truth and the pursuit of happiness are it’s foundation.

In the journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you will experience both love and war. The ability to love yourself, love your lover, and love your God. While you will also have to war for yourself, war for your lover, and war for your intimacy with God, spiritually.

The key to this love and war combination is not to operate in our own fleshly tactics, but to stand on truth, which is the word of God, for all of our actions. Not only use the word of God, but also to pursue happiness in all things, during times of love and times of war.

Until tomorrow remeber seeking things that make your heart smile will enable you to stay on course and know that love and war can be fair, when your love and war is in fairness. This again is when you operate in truth and the pursue of happiness.

With Beautiful Love


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