The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Some people would argue that opposites attract. This is not true. For example if you have a friend, don't you like to do similar things with them? Going shopping, traveling, playing sports, talking on the phone, going out to eat, attending concerts. If you had a friend that didn't like anything you did, how could you spend time together and be friends. I don't want you to be confused here, I'm not saying you will be Siamese twins, but I am saying you will resemble the ones you assemble with.

Today’s Lesson: You resemble who you assemble with, because you attract the reflection of who you are.

When God revealed this one to me, I had to scan my circle. What were they like. Did I hang with individuals who were lazy, gossipers, not motivated, unsuccessful. Or was my circle, energetic vision oriented go getters?

In the journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, you must become who you are desiring to be with. What type of single do you want to be? Adventurous, celibate, content. What type of forever love do you want to be? Loyal, romantic, a purpose partner. What type of intimacy do you want with God? Emergency only connection, Sunday service encounters, or daily love connection where you are spending time to hear the secrets of the Lord’s heart regarding His plans for you.

I love this story

One Day our previous First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama where eating dinner at a restaurant. During their playful and intimate conversation. The waiter came over to their table and checked the first couple to make sure their dinner was to their liking. The First couple agreed it was a great meal. The waiter left and President Barak stated playfully, you are a lucky woman to be married to me, you could have been married to the waiter. First Lady Michelle sweetly yet confidently replied, well then he would have been the President of the United States.Talk about knowing who you are.

The Law of Attraction is real. It works in your thoughts and actions, but also in your relationships. You can think that you want Mr. or Mrs. Right, but if you act like Mr. or Mrs. Wrong guess what you going to get Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.

Michelle Obama knew the power of the law of attraction in her life. She knew without a doubt that she would only attract what she herself already was. And you too have this power. No matter if you are already married, engaged, dating or single, you can have the relationship of your dreams when you become the woman or man of your dreams.

Until tomorrow, be the woman or man of your dreams so you can attract the woman or man of your dreams.

With Beautiful Love


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