The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


I continued my unplugged weekend by spending time in Berkeley, Ca, where I proceeded to the Berkeley marina. When I parked my truck I spent a few moments just sitting looking over to the picture perfect San Francisco on the other side.

My intention was to just sit and observe for a few moments, before heading home. However, God had another plan.

The Lord gave me an unction to get out of my truck. So I did. The weather was just right and the clean smell of the salt bay water was refreshing to inhale. I walked closer to the rocks that were a barrier between the water and myself and I stood their just again observing the other side of the bay.

The the Lord told me to go across. Excuse me Lord! After I realized He was not asking me to walk on water, I stood their contemplating my time, the traffic and anything else that entered my mind to stop me from going. Then He quietly said take the ferry. What an idea. Sounded like fun. I rushed to my truck drove to the nearest ferry station and wouldn't you know it at the precise time I arrived, the ferry was loading to leave.

I ended up on the other side in San Francisco and I had a blast!

Today’s Lesson: Don't just be an observer of the other side, where your blessings are, go across to the other side and get it.

What is on your other side? A career move, writing a book, travel, a move, starting a business, going into ministry. Spend time with God and He will show you the blessings and promises He has for you. Stay with Him until you see them.

The problem is many times we can see what God has for us. It’s within reach, however it will take an effort to get it. Unfortunately the effort needed to get it tends to take us out of our comfort zone, so we talk ourselves out of it or make excuses how it’s impossible.

However, God wants us to know during our journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with Him that nothing is impossible for you to do, because nothing is impossible for Him.

The hardest part is to see it. Once you see it listen for the strategy to obtain it and get it. Until tomorrow, let's go to the other side and have a Holy Ghost good time!

With Beautiful Love


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