The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Have you ever beat yourself up regarding people using you? You enter a relationship or situation with an open heart to help and fulfill a need, only to realize the individual who requested you had ulterior motives. And even though this happens time and again you promise yourself you will never allow another person to use you again.

Some people mistake my meekness of not just weakness but naivety. They feel that they are getting over on me when they are using me. But what they don't know is that I have been given a revelation regarding the gift of letting people use me.

Today’s Lesson: Don’t worry about the other person's motive when they ask for the use of your gift, talents or time. It’s a win win. You are getting exposure to perfect the greatness that’s inside of you. The more you are used the quicker your mastery.

When God revealed the gift of letting people use me for their sometimes selfish motives I was confused. Especially with the scripture stating to not give dogs what is holy and to not throw my pearls to swine.

And this scripture is accurate and we should never knowingly participate in pouring out ourselves and the precious gifts, talents and time we have to those who want to just eat it up for no benefit. For example if a chronic couch potato ask me for help on a project, I will become their teacher instead.

But in this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, experiences and opportunities will surface that appears ideal for your advancement and exposure that you are seeking. However during the process you get discouraged because the one who solicited your help is not the person you had believed they were. I have news for you it doesn't matter.

It’s a win win because when people ask to benefit for your gifts, talents and time for a cause it’s a win, win. You win because you are getting practice to master your talents, gifts and management of your time, and a win for them because they get their cause addressed and they get to be with you.

So when you get wind to someone's real plans regarding their need for you, if it’s not illegal or go against your Christian values and core values, continue to allow them to use you, because in using you, you are becoming a greater version of yourself. The payoff if priceless!

Until tomorrow if you are being used to celebrate and embrace this wonderful gift.

With Beautiful Love


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