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Are you in a season of obscurity? You know God has planted you in obscurity when;

  1. You are not where you used to be,

  2. You are not where you know you are to be, and

  3. You feel like no one sees you

Today’s Lesson: Be faithful and give your best in obscurity, and God will reward you with a supernatural promotion openly.

I know without a doubt that I am in my time of obscurity. Before I had today's revelation, I didn’t understand or like this position. I tried to push my way out, cry my way out, bargain my way out. Or my favorite, ignore that I was even in obscurity. Then God gave me wisdom.

Obscurity Revelation:

Life stories such as:

  • David in the field with the sheep, then on the run from King Saul was his time of obscurity before He was promoted to King over Israel.

  • Then you have Joseph. His obscurity was during his time living with brothers who disliked him, being sold into slavery, working at Potiphar's house, then when he was in prison for a rape he didn't commit. All this time of obscurity was his designed route to his promotion to be second in command of a foreign nation.

  • And we can't forget another foreign nation ruler, Hadassah better known as Queen Esther. Born a Jew, Esther was born into obscurity living in a foreign land, then as a young girl, thrust into being an orphan, adopted by her uncle, later kidnapped into a beauty contest, not knowing her fate, only to be led directly to her rightful potion the throne. For she was promoted and selected as the one, the queen to Ahasuerus ruler over a hundred and twenty seven provinces.

I can go on and on regarding the amazing ancestors of the faith and their journey from obscurity to promotion. You see they must go hand and hand. You don't have the one without the other. The fact that you are in obscurity is a sign that you are chosen to be promoted. Your job is to accept it so you can flow through it.

But why obscurity? What is it for and why do the greats have to be planted in it for a time?

God said, so that we can build security. To understand this answer let’s look at the word opposite of security. Which is insecurity.

We go through obscurity to get all insecurities that will affect where we are going out of us. Obscurity makes you stronger because you are secure in who you have been created to be.

So until tomorrow on this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God stop trying to fight, leave or cry your way out of obscurity. When it’s your time it will be your time, and that time is when you have security.

With Beautiful Love


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