The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


I ended yesterday's blog post with encouraging you all to go deeper. Well today I was listening to the Lion King soundtrack and the song “Water” had a lyric in the chorus that said “ Don’t need inflatables”, I actually laughed when I heard these lyrics, even though I had listened to this song countless times, however today it stood out. Soon after it sparked a dialog with the Holy Spirit.

Today’s Lesson: In your journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, you have no need to be scared to go deep even if you can't naturally swim and don't know how to go to the deep end in the spirit, God will guide you. All you need is a willing heart to go.

I believe I was born swimming out of my mother's womb. Growing up in California, I had the luxury and pleasure of swimming nearly year round. And I sure did took advantage of that privilege. No matter the form; pool, lake, river, or ocean, I swam in them all. If I had a big enough tub I would swim in that too. lol

Although I am an experienced swimmer and able to launch out into the deep ends of water, at the beginning of this journey of deep intimacy with God, I was a little terrified.

When we think about going deeper into the presence of God, we believe we need to be all super spiritual. That isn't the case. You only need a willing heart.

Going deeper is more than shouting, speaking in tongues, praying, and dancing. Although all of these can be included. Going deeper takes you to a place of awakening, awareness and knowing. Awakening to your authentic self, awareness of your purpose and a knowing of God as the King.

Ways To Go Deeper

  • Spend Time Soaking

  • Turn on worship soaking music and sit quietly before the lord

  • Journal Your Heart

  • Begin to journal your heart’s thoughts no editing just write

  • Take Esther Baths

  • Baths were you, wash, exfoliate, and soak (purchase Beautiful Greatness: The Psychology of The Unlimited Life, for more details)

Just like some are scared to swim, some are also like I was scared to go deeper in the Lord. Fear not this water needs no inflatables, once you step in Gods got you. So until tomorrow dive in and surrender to the currents!

With Beautiful Love


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