The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


One of my all time favorite songs is “Golden" By Chrisette Michele. Talk about a perfect love song to walk down the aisle too. But as I listen to it as I'm writing this blog, I am reminded that a golden kind of love is greater than a special love song, with powerful crescendos, it greater that a perfect pictures wedding.

A golden kind of love last forever! It's a lifetime commitment.

Today’s Lesson: Wait for That Golden kind of Love!

When you can love a person when the sun is shining and when the dark clouds role that is Golden Kind Of Love. When you are able to wipe the drool from your beloved’s mouth when they can’t, that's Golden Kind Of Love. When you can push your love to the next level, when you haven't moved, without jealousy, that’s Golden Kind Of Love. When you get excited like it's the first time when you look at your forever love in a crowded room over the years, even when their face has changed with wrinkles, their waistlines has widened and hairline has receded or left the head altogether, that my friend is a Golden Kind Of Love.

In this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, you must not sell yourself short and settle with temporary love, shallow love, or even a one night stand kind of love. Better yet don't settled for no love or what some call a loveless relationship/marriage.

God is love and God’s love is the greatest example of that Golden Kind Of Love. He’s not our heavenly father when we got our stuff together. No God loves us in and out of or mess. Just like God the Golden kind of Love doesn't go away when someone shinier comes along or the tough times come in, it atually grows stronger.

So if you have that Golden Kind Of Love, hold on to it, nurture it and let it grow. For all others wait for it, its coming.

Always remember, you deserve the best, the kind of love that is soft, yet passionate, constant yet moving, quiet yet roars. The kind of love that lasts forever. Until tomorrow know your worth and wait for it! That Golden Kind Of Love!

With Beautiful Love


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