The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Today’s Lesson: Embrace your pu·ri·ty - freedom from adulteration or contamination

Pure! What is pure nowadays? Our water, food, air, toys, makeup, clothing and the human bodies are being adulterated or contaminated, causing harm to our minds and bodies.

In addition we have many fashion fads gracing our media feeds, and the world's celebrities embracing and promoting them. What you may not know is this type marketing strategy is influencing the consumers with their idea of what is beautiful in order to make money.


adulteration + contamination x the worlds views of beauty = a world full of sick folks.

But what if you could change that narrative, what if you decided what was considered beautiful. You can, through your purity.

As a little girl I was oblivious to my beauty. Growing up in a predominantly Caucasian community, beauty was measured by the less melanin in your skin, and for me that had me on the far end of the spectrum of what they deemed as being "ugly". So I tried to bleach my skin with creams, pills and covering myself from head to toe trying to avoid the sun, which was horribly difficult, because if you have read a previous blog post I loved to swim. Talk about being a confused little girl.

As a woman however and through years of inner healing I now know that I am beautiful by my own definition of beauty inside and out.

However even with my own revelation that I am beautiful, when men who are attracted to me are bold enough to approach me for dialogue and to ask for my number or out on a date, they run as fast as they approached. Because I wear my purity openly, and unfortunately for them my purity is hideous.

Many pure unmarried men and women have had so many of these scenarios that they give in and compromised their purity because it’s not the popular thing to be, and yes, I get it, we all want to feel loved and be with someone. But at what cost?

Ask this question the next time you find yourself or want to find yourself between those thighs void of a wedding ring to validate the act, is this beautiful in the eyes of God?

Beauty in the eyes of God when you are on this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with Him, is to be faithful to your purity of mind and body. Watch what comes into your gates, and keep your sexual gate closed until your wedding night.

For those who are married you may ask what does this have to do with me? I’m legal to have sex, my bed is not defiled. Is it? I have counseled many couples who have struggles with intimacy because of pornography, infidelity, masturbation, and spiritual spouses (all of which I will talk about at some point within the year). All of theses acts violate not only the individuals purity, but the purity of your singleness, marriage and intimacy with God.

So as I close this blog today remember to stay faithful to your purity for it is the new beautiful! Until tomorrow shine on Beautiful One!

With Beautiful Love


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