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I was walking out from the library the other day, and a gentleman walks slowly past me with an intense glare and like in slow motion he says “hi sexy!” Most times when I hear this comment and other similar ones I either; nod, smile or say a polite hello back while still walking in the direction I was going, intentionally giving no room for conversation. However, this particular time I paused and responded, “I thank you for the compliment, but I would rather you call me beautiful”, with a shy smile he said no problem, “hi beautiful!”, I then said hello back and continued to exit the library.

I say all this because as you can tell by now, I have a lot of conversations with God regarding my daily affairs, and this particular one had me question myself.

Question: Is being sexy bad?

The answers surprised me:

Today's Lesson: Being sexy is not a bad thing it's a Beautiful thing! When understood with the right contexts.

My spiritual mother has a saying, if your contexts is wrong your conclusion will be wrong.

The popular definition of sexy is defined as being sexually suggestive,erotic or stimulating. This was why I corrected the gentleman, however God said generally it means to be attractive or interesting.

You see being sexually suggestive, erotic or stimulating is a beautiful thing for a husband and wife relationship. It is the precursor to making love. Where as being attractive and interesting is great for all.

Being sexy is a part of attraction, and attraction is apart of intimacy in a relationship. I'm confused when I hear people say that they married someone they were not attracted to. That is untrue, unless it was a marriage of convenience or an arranged marriage. Because attraction to someone is on multiple levels, as well as being sexy, it's beyond just your looks it what attracts you to that person or that person to you.

God said he will give us the desires of our hearts. A desire is something we are attracted to. So no more beating yourself up, when someone say's your sexy, it's not saying you are doing anything bad, it's saying your doing something right. You are an attractive and interesting person. And what a way to draw people to Jesus.

So while we are on this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, we are going to be called sexy. Realistically people of the opposite and sometimes same sex are going to be attracted to you whether your unmarried, married, saved, baptist and filled with the Holy Ghost and with fire. And there is nothing wrong with this, whats wrong is if you conduct sexual acts with this person illegally.

But for my married peeps, if your forever love say's "Hi sexy! Get ready for a beautiful night of intensive fellowship!

So until tomorrow be sexy beautiful just don't have sex unless your married!

With Beautiful Love


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