The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


From being born the only girl of four brothers, spending time in the Marine Corps, and being engrafted into a male dominated field. I can say I have had my share of first hand observation of the male perspective, when it relates to relationships with a woman/women.

As I mentioned yesterday, we women need to mind our own business, while our handsome counterparts need to stop playing games with the hearts of their sister queens.

Today’s Lesson: Fella’s you know when she is not the one, so stop treating her as if she is.

When my brother who was born right before me fell in love for real, I knew it. He was a silly mess when it came to his first love, every chance he could to say her name he did, with a shy and silly grin on his face. We could be talking about uncle Billy’s joke at Christmas, and he would say…”I remember “her name” said a joke just like that”. The truth of his love for her wasn't just in her presence it was when she wasn't around.

Prior to my brothers first love he had two handfuls of women doting over him and bragging that they were his girlfriend. I knew the truth that he didn't care for none of them, however when they were around, he played the part well, only to be on the phone with the next girlfriend as soon as the other one left the house. He never talked about them to us, nor had that silly grin on his face when talking about them.

Some men might argue, I’m just being myself, I can’t help it if she takes it the wrong way. And that argument is valid, some women fall in love if a man opens the door for them. But God instructed me to ask you, what advice would you give that young man who doesn't like your daughter, yet she is head over heels in love with him?

Would you say, young man, continue to call my daughter and ask her to do this and to do that for you, even though you have no intentions to marry her. Continue to flirt with her, knowing she likes you. Continue to meet with her for random meetings, and long road trips, so that a strong illegal soul tie can be formed. And best of all continue to play with her heart knowing your mind is on another.

My advice to my son would be once you notice the relationship in her heart has shifted from a sister/brother or friendship relationship, to a romantic man/woman relationship pull the breaks, and set up boundaries, especially if your heart is not matching hers.

I know, I know, you knowing she likes you flatters your ego, and makes you feel good, but think about her, and her possible forever king, who is looking for her. If she is preoccupied with you, which is a dead end, she will not be available when he comes, in her heart, mind or body. Leaving her alone well after you have moved on with a wife, five kids and 2 1/2 dogs.

So my brother kings on this journey of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, tricks are for kids, be the king that you are and protect your sister queens heart by not playing with it! But if she is the one you have found...boy that favor she is going to pour on you is going to bless you real good!

Until tomorrow King Up!

With Beautiful Love


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