The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Picture this: Two warriors come out to fight

Warrior 1: A young man covered from head to toe in armor, it’s his first fight. Looking at this warrior he looks tall and regal. However inside the armor the warrior is shaking so that the rattling of his armor is starting to sound like a song. As you move in closer to this warrior you hear the soft whimpering of tears and a quiet whisper “mommyyyyyy”.

Warrior 2: Is an older gentleman, has no armor, chest out, head held high as he stands in the superman pose with an excitement in his eyes as he awaits for the battle to begin.

Who is more than likely to win the fight? The one who is more exposed or the one covered from head to toe in armor? Naturally you might assume that the one in the armor who is more protected will win, however this is not true.

Warrior 2 the one who is more vulnerable and exposed would actually win.

You might ask, why can one who has his heart, head and body out in the open win the fight. Two reasons, either his opponent would think he was out of his mind and crazy or extremely strong and about to go in for the kill. Either way he would have something to fear.

Today’s Lesson: Hiding yourself hoping to not get hurt will make you a target. However to be vulnerable in a relationship gives you a better chance to win. Vulnerability shows your strength.

I was the poster child for hiding my heart to not be hurt by others. Thank God I am free from that. However many still struggle with this. Women fear that a man doesn't really love them, and that they are not good enough. While men have fears that a woman will not respect them and be a team player with his purpose. So both sides enter the relationship with their heart, mind and body barricaded attempting to protect themselves from getting hurt.

Protective Barricades:

  1. False reality of who you really are - Not your authentic self

  2. Secretive - Double life syndrome

  3. Lie - Tell lies out of fear

  4. Distance - You physically stay away

  5. Emotional disconnect - Avoid intimacy

  6. Abuse - I will hurt them before they hurt me

  7. Down play your feelings - The good or bad ones

These protective barricades actually show weakness. However when you tear down barricades and become vulnerable to be hurt in a relationship you show strength in knowing. Yes it’s possible that I can get hurt, but I’m willing to enjoy the process, because I just my win in this thing called love.

While on this journey of preparation to singleness, marriage and intimacy with God know that hurt is apart of this life experience, but so is love, real I will fight for you love. So trust the process and stay vulnerable in order to win at love.

Until tomorrow drop all those protective barricades and be vulnerable to show your strength.

With Beautiful Love


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