The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


A few weeks ago I was contacted by a cohort from college. This particular person reached out to a group of us 2009 Social Work Masters level graduates to meet up for a ten year reunion.

Last night was the night of our meet up, and it was an amazing evening. As we reflected, ate, laughed, reminisced and updated each other on our accomplishments since grad school I was amazed at the excitement expressed regarding my life.

By the time I got home I sat in the moments that just transpired as if I was listening in on the conversation about someone else, and I must say I too was impressed with my life.

Today’s Lesson: You don't need to wait for others to celebrate you. It’s okay for you to celebrate yourself. So be intentional and make it a regular habit.

The lesson from last night is that we should be proud of ourselves and all that we do and aspire to do with great excitement. And in being proud and excited, we should celebrate.

As we travel on this journey of preparation to singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, don't wait for the great job and that a boys from others, although they are welcomed. Instead be intentional to celebrate yourself with praise, excitement, gifts, quiet time and bragging.

Daily pat yourself on the back for your daily tasks completed. Weekly treat yourself to a desired indulgence, mine are either a tall Starbucks chai tea latte with two pumps of a caramel or a caramel frappuccino with extra caramel. I’m excited just thinking about this celebration reward.

Next plan monthly, quarterly and yearly gifts to give yourself. These gifts can require you to spend money or be completely free, that’s not the concept, what is is that you celebrate you for being you and all that you do.

Until tomorrow in my Kool & The Gang vocals “Celebrate Good Times Come On!!!!

With Beautiful Love


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