The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


On my Therapy Thursday Show I did a segment on Divorcing Your Spirit Wife/Husband. The response in my DM’s was surprising. Here I thought I was one of the few who was a target of this spirit, to discover that many people all around the world had or were currently battling this thing.

Most people are unaware there are demonic spirit spouses-spirit husband and spirit wife. A spiritual spouse is not to be confused with a soul tie. We know and understand about human spouses, but not spirit spouses. God created marriage for us humans, which is honorable and He made for our marital bed to not be defiled (Hebrews 13:4).

Did you know that the word reveals that there is no marriage (Matthew 22:30) or gender (Galatians 3:28) in the spirit realm. However satan does contrary to God’s will. For example God created and ordained marriage between a human male and female, satan twisted this truth by using the same concept, but for evil. He assigns spirit spouses to human beings in order to kill, steal and destroy their destinies (John 10:10).

A spiritual spouse is a demonic spirit that married an individual in the realm of the spirit. Here are a few ways this spirit gains entry to a person penetrates either through a dream, covenants, witchcraft or willingness from the person.

Do I Have a Spirit Spouse?

1. Have you ever been molested?

Molestation is not just restricted to penetration, but also include fondling by a child or an adult. It can be as simple as playing Mom and Dad games as a child or hearing someone talking in a sexual manner in childhood. I often stress to the person the importance of asking the Holy Spirit to bring back to remembrance that which the LORD wants to be remembered because devils will block the person’s memory in order to prevent exposure of the ‘root’ to their problem. Molestation is simply; when you were a child, you discovered the knowledge of sex.

2. Have you ever been physically raped?

3. Have you ever been raped in your dreams?

4. Do you have sexual lust?

5. Have you had premarital sex?

6. Do you have sex in your dreams?

Some people have sex in their dreams and are enjoying it. Beautiful One’s that is not the Lord. If you have sex in your dreams and the person has the appearance of your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, person you have a crush on, it’s not your them. It's a spirit spouse. It's not a real human you envision.

7. Does it seem like you’re being “forced” to remain unmarried and every relationship ends up in Disappointment?

You’ve been engaged several times and each time for some reason, you have a change of mind. Or they run off unexpected It’s like you've been forced to stay unmarried. That's the sign of a spirit spouse.

8. Do you masturbate?

9. Do you watch pornography?

10. Is there idolatry in your family lineage?

11. Is there witchcraft in your family lineage?

12. Have you made a covenant with a person who is the hotel of a spirit spouse?

When a person who is possessed by a spirit spouse has you promise to never leave them till death do you part and you say it verbally even if it's not in a wedding ceremony, you have still entered into a covenant with that spirit not the person.

Number 12 is what happened to me. A year after my divorce I started courting a pastor. During a passionate time of kissing he asked me to say "I will never leave you" I didn't understand then but I do now I was actually making a verbal covenant with a spirit not a man. (This is why today I will not kiss or make out with my future husband until our wedding day after the vows, I cant think straight in those heated fellowships)

Gratefully the relationship didn't work out, however even after the relationship I would have dreams of this person and while awake, of us having sex even though in the natural we never did. I was fortunate that God gave me revelation on the situation fairly early, and I went through a self-deliverance to divorce that spirit.

Since revealing my personal story on the Therapy Thursday Show I have heard stories that after watching the show the person realized they have been married to a spiritual spouse for years. One woman said since she was a little girl. Another person shared that they and the spirit spouse had a family together, babies and all. It was like a double life happened every time they went to sleep. They assumed they just had a vivid imagination. This spiritual family went on vacation, had a house, kids went to school and everything. However in their awake life they were alone, in poverty and not living their purpose.

A few other people shared that they believed not only did they have a spiritual spouse, their natural spouse had one also. They assumed the spouse was thinking about them when they would see them having sex in their sleep.

Today’s Lesson: If you are having sex in your dreams, or masturbating and being sexually aroused while awake, that is a demon spirit-a spirit spouse. Period! Be free and divorce it today!

Yes the journey of preparation to singleness, marriage and intimacy with God can at times get lonely and you desire and sometimes crave someone to be with. Wait for it, do not take matters into your own hands and allow your dream state to fool you.

If you have been a victim of rape, molestation or another entry way that was forced upon you by another, get the healing you need emotionally as well as spiritually.

If you or someone you know has a spirit spouse DM me for the prayer strategy I used for my divorcement.

Until tomorrow be free! What God has for you is bigger and better than any counterfeit the satan brings your way!.

With Beautiful Love


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