The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Can you believe it? We are at day 100! Never would I have imagined this was possible. I had no intentions to do a daily blog, let alone have us on a journey of preparation into singleness, marriage or intimacy with God. I'm the Spirit, Mind and Body healer. But look were we are today day 100!

Join me in the victory happy dance!

For those who have been on this journey since day one thank you, for those who are just joining us welcome aboard. We have so much more ahead.

Today’s Lesson: Always take time to reflect.

Self-Reflection is a strategy I use daily. At the end of each day when I lay my head down on my pillow I reflect on how my day went. I ask myself mental question like, did I complete my intended task or goals successfully? Did I do something or say something I shouldn't have? What can I do different tomorrow for a greater day? What do I need to do again tomorrow for a greater day?

Having self-reflection makes you accountable to yourself. You can be accountable to another, however you can tell them the fluffy side of life. The side that makes you look good. However in this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage, and intimacy with God it is time to be real with yourself, reflecting on the fluffy and the ugly side and dealing with it face to face. The best way to start is by reflecting on what you have done daily.

I stop right here to say self-reflection is not a time of self-disgust, self-loathing or self-disappointment pity party sessions. This process is not to bring condemnation to you, for there is no condemnation in God.

But it is a great opportunity for you to be your number one cheerleader and support person. Love on yourself daily when you reflect and you will begin to see the amazing outcome of your tomorrows.

Until tomorrow it’s reflection time!

With Beautiful Love


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