The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


Anchoring is a technique that everyone uses, the majority of the time, unknowingly. We can be anchored to a song, to a location to a smell, or even to a person biting their lip.

What exactly am I talking about? In Psychological terms, when you create an anchor you set up a stimulus response pattern so that you can feel the way you want to, when you need to. Its the process of associating an internal response with some external or internal trigger so that the response may be quickly, and sometimes covertly, re-accessed.

To break it down further. I have a song by Rihanna, Diamonds, that I play to create an emotional reaction within myself so that I can have a God confidence and work in excellence in any given activity that I must engage in that has me nervous. When I hear that song I imagine me and Jesus are shining bright like diamonds hugging in the ski while He transfers his greatness into me, giving me a heightened God confidence.

So now whenever I hear that song I instantly am triggered into that state. However when I listen to another song that reminds me of a particular person, I take on a whole new mood. (A whole new blog I’m anchored to both songs in different ways.

My children were anchored to my lip biting behavior when they did something wrong. So until I changed that anchor, if I bite my lip, they with sad eyes would ask, what I do.

Today’s Lesson: Stop allowing people places and things to anchor you. Create your own anchors intentionally to live your best life.

On my personal journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God I run to scriptures, songs, jewelry and scents to be my anchors. This is how it works. You connect a thought, experience or emotion with the anchor you choose. Then when you need to be in that place you use your anchor, play the song, touch the jewelry, smell the scent, recite the scripture. Do this it really works.

Until tomorrow try anchoring yourself so that people, places and things have no control over you, you create your own experience, even in chaos.

With Beautiful Love


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