The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


I have received prophetic word over my life from generals in the Kingdom, and although some of it has come to pass, there is a lot that has not. In fact appears like the opposite of what the prophets have seen, heard or felt to speak over me.

Today’s Lesson: Don't let what it looks like fool you.

As I’m writing this blog I am taking periodic sips of my green smoothie. When the green smoothie phenomenon started rising in popularity I didn't get it. It looked so nasty. I was a Nickelodeon Cartoon kid, when they had "Slime Time". Each time I would see someone gulping the green smoothie down I would think, “How in the world can anyone eat that slime?"

It wasn't until I tasted one for myself, that I got hooked. I was introduced to the truth. Now I try to drink one every day. I cant get enough of them.

God shared with me on this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with Him, that there will be times in our life that it will appear the opposite of what it actually is. For example your bank account may be in the negative, yet you are wealthy. You may be by yourself, yet you have a host of angels all around you. Your buisness may appear to be losing clients, yet they are leaving to make room for customers who will become lifetime ambassodors for your brand.

Homework: Everytime you feel down about something ask God what the truth hidden within that experience. I saw the green smoothies as nastly slime I wouldn't dare put in my mouth. The look hasn't changed but I now know the truth, that it is yummy green goodness that I love.

Until tomorrow look for the truth and keep your mind on that not how it looks.

With Beautiful Love


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