The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God


I have not been able to put Ryan Cole’s book, I Love You More Most & Forever, down. It is so good. As I read I’m not only given hope for my future relationship with my forever King, I am also given revelation on why I desire him in the first place and how it applies to God’s grand design.

Being a divorcee I tend to enter books regarding marriage with defense walls up, in order to protect my heart from being condemned by the words of the writer. However the way Ryan aids all of his readers including the divorcees to engage in personal inventory to not be in bondage to your past mistakes or even your current, but to receive the theological strategies that are God breathed to ensure that your future love story will be amazing.

Today’s Lesson: Seek the wisdom of those who have healthy and lasting love story relationships to ensure the success for your own.

In the journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, many will have advice that they want to share with you regarding your dating, courting and or marital relationship. When sifting through the surmountable amount of information and advice available to you, look at their fruit. If they are fruitful in the areas of dating, courting and marriage then receive their strategies for a successful marriage. However if they have bad fruit, leave their advice alone.

For example: If I had a friend who had been divorced multiple times attempted to give me advice on how to stay in a long lasting marriage, I would be a fool to take her advice. Or if my pastor had problems with infidelity, there would be no way I could trust his advice regarding faithfulness.

But on the contrary if someone has been in a long lasting marriage that appears healthy learn from them. If you know an author who writes about the success of marriages and they themselves have a beautiful marriage that reflects the love of God, by all means take their advice.

So as I finish this blog tonight I will end my day doing just that. I will be learning from such an author as I finish the last pages of his phenomenal book. Until tomorrow I Love You More Most & Forever!

With Beautiful Love


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