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Today’s Lesson: When making decisions for your life, choose to be happy!

I just had a conversation with my son about a decision he needs to make regarding his experience at his university. He was torn between two options. The first was choosing an option that would be a great advancement and opportunity for his future. Where as the other option was also good, however, was not a great benefit for him. The reason he was in conflict was because he was thinking about others opinion.

My response: "Son, choose what will make you happy."

On the journey of preparation of singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, if your decision does not bring harm to others, choose to be happy. Stop being a martyr for others. Choosing pain so that others can be happy. Choosing less than so others feel better while you suffer regret.

Use this principle for every area of your life. If you love to dance because it makes you feel happy, that dance, even if the people you roll with hate to dance. If you like to try exotic foods, yet your friends are only happy eating the same old food, be happy and eat that exotic food.

Stop making the decisions for your life based on other peoples life.

God said when you delight yourself in Him he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). Only don't reject those desires when they come because others don't approve, or others don't like your desires. If God gives it, take it.

So until tomorrow, choose to be happy!

With Beautiful Love


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