Day 130: I’M A FARM CITY.... GIRL!

The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 130: I’M A FARM CITY.... GIRL!

Hi my name is Jacquelyn and I’m a farm city mountain hiking horse riding beach bathing book reading skydiving from the moon wannabe girl!

“You look like a pretty little farm girl walking across that prairie” was the words my god mom said to me as I walked into the house. She was referring to watching me through her kitchen window as I was walking through their massive farm land looking at the horses feeding, and picking from the lemon and pink grapefruit trees.

As I pondered what she said, I quietly said, well I am a farm girl, and a city girl, and a mountain girl and a beach girl, and if I could go to the moon I would be a moon girl.

Today’s Lesson: You can be whoever you want to be! When ever you want to be it!

This is powerful because God is implying that at any given moment in time you can define who you want to be. You are multidimensional and you have many facets of what makes you you. As you travel this adventure called life within the journey of preparation into your singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you can explore and present them all.

If you want to wear a ballgown to a play on Broadway on Monday, jeans and a white t-shirt riding horses on Tuesday, rock a Mohawk on Wednesday with tight black leather pants, skydive on Thursday, and sip coconut water in a bikini on a secluded beach on Friday, hike a mountain on Saturday, and sit curled up with a book all day Sunday weary fluffy Big Bird soaks, you can. And guest what if you like to do all these things it’s all representation of you.

Until tomorrow don't be limited to one expression of your beautifully unique self. Embrace all of you, I would love to meet all of you!

Hi my name is Jacquelyn and I’m a farm city mountain hiking, horse riding, beach bathing, book reading skydiving from the moon wannabe...this week! Can't wait to meet Jacquelyn next week!

With Beautiful Love


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