Day 136: GODS GOT YOU!

The Journey of Preparation to Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 136: GODS GOT YOU!

Today’s Lesson: Stop stressing yourself out. God’s got you!

According to the first verse in Psalm 23 you should rest assured that “The Lord is my (your) shepherd; I (you) shall not want. (Period)

While you may feel your emotions go up and down and sometimes all around, swinging from sadness, anger, fear, discontent, and back to sadness. You can stop this emotional cycle that is only stressing you out by resting on the word of God that says God is your shepherd and you shall not want.

A shepherd watches over, protects, feeds and finds shelter for his flock. What more will God do for His chosen

So until tomorrow take a deep breath exhale and Let God take care of you. He’s Got you!

With Beautiful Love


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