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Is yoga good for Christians? Yes and No. The answer to this question depends on the intention you place with it.

If you have read my book Beautiful Greatness: The Psychology of The Unlimited Life, you know that I wrote about yoga. What many don't know was this topic was hard for me to research and write about. I grew up in the Christian faith being taught that yoga was of the devil. So when God instructed me to research it for my book I was greatly hesitant. As I traveled, what I like to call the rabbit hole of information I was amazed at the revelation that God gave me regarding yoga.

Today’s Lesson: My people perish for lack of knowledge

On our journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God you must receive your own revelation from God, not from hearsay.

God informed me that the enemy loves to play with words, and attach fear to those words. Yoga being one. As I researched and looked closely at the yoga concept is was revealed that yoga is not a religion, it is a healing practice for the persons spirit, mind and body. The stretches, poses and postures were created to bring holistic and natural healing qualities to all internal organs of the human body to start. The calming and quieting the mind qualities aids in obtaining a peace of mind and being intentional to awaken your spirit and knowing you are connected to a powerful God.

What has made Christians disagree with yoga is the meaning that has been attached to it. Worshiping another God, cultism, demons.

What God revealed to me was the meaning you and I place upon a thing creates the intention of that thing.

If food has the meaning of comfort, some will have the intention to eat to comfort themselves into obesity, sickness and even to death. If sex has the meaning of love, some will have the intention to engage in promiscuous behaviors believing that it is true love with everyone who say's I love you. If drugs has the meaning of taking away pain, some would have the intention to run to cocaine for the relieve of back pain.

Again what ever meaning you have for a thing becomes your intention with it.

The meaning of yoga for me is the bring alternative and holistic healing. I now engage in yoga with the intention to ward off mental illnesses, disease and sickness, and enhancing my intimacy with God. While I’m stretching or posing I’m meditating on the word of God or reciting mantras or affirmations that build me up in the area of my life that I choose. My outcome is I feel light, whole and free. I eat healthy, have more energy and stay focused and productive.

So am I saying you must run out to buy a yoga mat and join your local yogie. No!

I’m saying if God is directing you to do something don't discredit it because someone has told you otherwise. Take time to look deeper, ponder it and test it with the word of God yourself. Then make your own decision.

I’m in the holistic and natural healing business, and I have found yoga to be a strong alternative to pharmaceutical medications. And because of this I will not die from medication complications from the lack of knowledge. I know what works for my spirit, mind and body. And it doesn't take away my love and relationship with God it makes it more intimate because I’m in optimal health allowed to fulfill my purpose whole and healthy.

Until tomorrow in all of your getting, get your own understanding. #revelation

With Beautiful Love


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