Day 162: SAY SO

The Journey of Preparation into Singleness, Marriage & Intimacy With God

Day 162: SAY SO

Today’s Lesson: Say what you want and mean what you say

The greatest enemy and friend to any relationship is communication. How can this be? Well to communicate effectively relationships thrive but to communicate poorly they are ruined.

While on this journey of preparation into singleness, marriage and intimacy with God, it has been a daily challenge for me to communicate what I want to others. The fear of rejection lurks in the shadows of my conversations like a welcomed surprise. However if you are like me, we know that this is not a healthy way to live or to build relationships.

If this is you I invite you to join me on a 21 day #saysochallenge. Where you have to say what you want or don’t want and mean it. You can't say yes to someone when you want to say no. You cant withhold feedback from fear of retaliation when it is important to share.

Studies show that when you are authentic to what you want to say and do you are more likely to live a more meaningful and happy life.

So until tomorrow #sayso

With Beautiful Love


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